The Hitstorm is a music production team and studio band available for hire to back any artist, in any genre, for any event.

Consisting of 3 professionals (Justin Norman, Ryan Smith and Phil Allen) who have been in working bands together for over 10 years, The Hitstorm can tackle any and all musical needs in a productive, cost efficient, and timely manner.

Having backed artists including Michael Grimm (2010 America's Got Talent Winner), Steve Maggiora (Robert Jon & The Wreck, Marc Broussard), Kai Kalama (American Idol Season 8), Marc Seal (Taylor Guitar Clinician), Morgan Mallory (Pop / Rock), Tamara Laurel (Folk Singer / Songwriter), CITY OF NEON (Alternative Pop), and Jordan McDougal (Pop / Country) The Hitstorm are as versatile as they are efficient. 

Since meeting in 2003, founding members Phil, Justin, and Ryan have found musical success collectively, as well as individually. The group has performed on stages ranging from 30 person restaurants, to 800 person concert halls, to internationally televised primetime tv with tens of millions of viewers, and have recorded multiple albums across a variety of genres. From a personal standpoint, one member has completed multiple tours with international acts, and has performed for rock royalty, another holds a Bachelor of Music from a leading contemporary music school, and has performed / recorded with multiple grammy nominated artists, and the 3rd member is a Grammy-winning producer himself. So whether you need an album recorded, a band for a wedding / corporate event, or a Saturday night time slot filled at your club, you can rest assured that The Hitstorm will exceed your professional expectations.



"Working with Ryan, Phil and Justin was seamless. I have worked with many musicians throughout my career and my experience with The Hitstorm was by far the best. Not only was it a fun and collaborative experience but the guys were extremely meticulous and professional in their approach to my songs. I am beyond happy with how my EP turned out! LOVE these guys!"  - CITY OF NEON

"Imagine if you could just hang out with 3 of the chillest/funniest dudes you’ve ever met, show them a few of your songs, and watch as they elevate your vision - without sacrificing any of the vibe you painstakingly carved out on your own. Imagine if they were better than you at your own instrument, but effortlessly inspired you to dig deeper and play better than you ever have. Imagine feeling the freedom to experiment with your sound as you go, having the confidence that they would reel you back in if you truly went too far, helping shape the best work you’ve ever done, regardless of genre. It’s not a fantasy, they’re called The Hitstorm, and their names are Phil, Ryan, and Justin.” - Morgan Mallory

"Working with The Hitstorm was my favorite part of making my album Runaway. Phil, Ryan, and Justin took my acoustic guitar/vocal demos and crafted them into the album of my dreams. Walking into the studio on Day 1, they were warm, engaging, and made sure everything aligned with my artistic vision for the album. We live-tracked 90% of the album in just one day, with Phil at the producing/engineering helm and Ryan and Justin playing drums and guitar respectively. I was beyond impressed with not only their technical skills, but also their ability to artistically interpret my music, and to play to specifically serve each song. From tracking demos to final mastering, making this album was a joy because of The Hitstorm. I recommend working with them wholeheartedly!"  - Tamara Laurel

Credits (Live & Studio)

Artists which members of The Hitstorm have personally worked with over the years include but are not limited to: 



The Fray

Marc Broussard

Keith Urban

James Blunt



Michael Grimm


Avenged Sevenfold

Eddie Van Halen

Daniel Powter


Cozi Zuehlsdorff

Kalama Brothers